The Heart of Internationally Experienced Design

Moving house (and sometimes this includes the family) to a new city, state, or country can be challenging. Designing and decorating the new space, getting the kids settled, finding your new favorite exercise facility or running route, locating the best restaurants and shopping… the list of “to-do’s” goes on and on as you try to make your new dwelling feel like a true home.
Our family room on Palace Road, 1 Ali Askar, Bangalore India
Beth can completely relate to that scenario! Having been raised in the Chicago area, then lived and worked in NYC, Hong Kong, Milan, London, Bangalore, and presently Greenwich, she has now been an ex-pat three times. With each experience Beth learned new invaluable tools for getting one’s home settled quickly. Most importantly, she realized what a vital role that played in the well-being of each family member. Now, having literally thousands of relationships to draw upon with her interior design background, Beth and her team love to act as Interior Consultants to guide their clients through each step of these huge transitions before, during, and after their big move!
Walking our English Cocker Spaniels while living in Bangalore, India
Our role as Interior Consultants can take all the apprehension and and time-consuming details off your plate (like stocking the wine and food refrigerators, or filling the closets with the kid’s clothes in the appropriate sizes in advance) to larger scale home decisions such as how to design the decor of your home(s) when you are not located in the same country and yet feel a continuity of “home”.
My kids & I in London
What’s our secret? Drawing on the influence and design of the countries our clients have lived, worked, and traveled in and artfully marrying these styles with their current new location’s style. By blending cultures together, we are able to immerse our clients in their new surroundings in a comfort-driven and very relaxed way; never straying too far from their roots or authenticities. This has always been at the heart of “Internationally Experienced Design”.
Rug Shopping in Marrakesh, Morocco alongside my husband Mike