Redfin: Top Interior Designers Reveal the Most Popular Trends in their City

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home recently. With that time at home has come the desire for many of us to change our home decor. So, we were thrilled when Redfin recently asked us to be a part of an article they wrote called “Top Interior Designers Reveal the Most Popular Trends in their City”.

Click here to read the whole article and scroll down for more on what we’re seeing in the Greenwich area.

Beth Krupa Interiors (Greenwich, CT)

Our signature form of designing is “sociological design,” where we do a deep dive in the initial planning phase. We ask detailed lifestyle questions and have created visualization tools that allow the client to successfully relate to us their preferred style, color, form and function.

With our high-end clientele, the most confident of the three prevailing current trends is maximalism meets exoticism. Each piece is a standout work of art but restrained enough to showcase the exotic colors of the current aviary trend we are seeing. Picture a tropical bird’s plumage—the blues, greens, reds and oranges are now being joined with purple and lilac hues and mixed with the softer tones of aqua mint in the areas of art, fabric and rug design. The complexity and beauty of this trend is indescribable and palpable.

Just as we’ve all experienced a slowdown in our lives recently, we are expecting home trends to linger and live longer than the usual 3-5 year cycle.