Project Spotlight: Wilton Entertaining Home

We love creating spaces that reflect our clients’ personalities and experiences. Our families are quite global and want the larger themes of the home to reflect that connection. That’s why the home we worked on in Wilton was such a special project for us.

The family who lived in this Wilton home wanted to be as comfortable hosting kids’ birthday parties as couples’ dinners. This led us to create a home that flowed throughout. One in which we had an integrated speaker system hard-wired throughout the entire first floor, yet the controls were discreetly and elegantly housed in the lower level service room.

Knowing the importance of an easy-to-care-for environment with many children happily running about, emphasis was put on this, yet remaining luxurious in its appearance. The mirrored facing sofas in the living room and over-sized super-soft family room sectional were all covered in stain resistant fabrics. Glass is a beautifully reflective, and no-fuss surface, and even the return of dark woods with the current emerging trends require no need to wax or oil. That can be seen with a dining room table that is coupled with a duo-finish curio cabinet. I especially enjoyed pairing the darker wood grain with a metallic artisanal champagne interior finish for a truly dramatic display effect.

The entry-way large chest of drawers is one of my favorite classic pieces by Ambella Home and was what I chose to be our focal point of our foyer. This timeless and classic elegant piece I can vision mixed in almost any style of home.

Accessories throughout the home were intended to sustain the easy feel, starring an eco-friendly chandelier made with sea glass in the family room and selenite logs in the fireplace, also a natural stone.

This classic, yet easy to care for home perfectly exemplifies the term sanctuary, as families are returning to two lost luxuries; time and togetherness.

Photos by: Jim Fuhrmann