1. How do you work?

Once we determine if we are the right fit for your project, you then meet with Beth at our Design Studio or Skype if distance is an issue. From that meeting we see specifically how we might move your project forward as Beth is able to answer your specific questions with more depth.



  1. What kind of clients do you work with?

Clients usually come to Beth looking for that sense of place. Also, they appreciate her knowledge of the various markets and want to see what’s new and fresh. From living abroad across four countries, Beth has a rich global perspective. From her years in the fashion industry she had set her high standards, work ethic, and high expectations.


Generally people come to us for a whole house, but sometimes people will come to us for one room, and other times people have asked us to do pieces of rooms to create a flow with consistent style and look throughout their home.


And this is why Beth works from a very detailed Letter of Agreement….it outlines the scope of the work. And, of course, if clients want to add on at any point along the way this LOA gives everyone a very clear definition of where we’re adding on from.


And one more thing…we are full service so if there’s an architect or contractor in place we’re able to work with them very easily.


  1. Would you work with someone on a small project?

Of course we would.

What we’d want to find out is to talk about whether there’s room in the investment you’re making for a designer, and if the scope of the project is one that warrants the vision and skills of an interior designer.


  1. How do you charge?

Beth generally assigns a fee per space involved in the project. Before a fee can be established we charge hourly and Beth’s fee is $175 an hour.


Our Junior Interior Designer’s fee is $125 and our Design Assistant is $75.


In our experience with clients what we’ve noticed is how much they value what they get from our firm, and that is how we take their investment in their project, and use it in the absolute best possible way, and get the most design for that investment.


Beth can do this because she understands the market so well – so much so that’s she’s now been appointed to the AmericasMart Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Advisory Board. This is a select body of industry leaders charged with helping to guide the mission and vision of their marketplace. Beth also gets the most design for the investment because she has such strong relationships with vendors, trades people, manufacturers, artists, and artisans. So she gets results from them that others don’t.

  1. Do you have a design philosophy?

We are a full service Interior Design firm that has a global perspective. And that comes from Beth having lived abroad for years – those experiences are what inform her designs and also her strong desire to create a sense of place for her clients. And beneath it all is a deep belief that design transforms not only our homes, but also our outlook.


From her years in the fashion industry she had set her high standards, work ethic, and high expectations.


We really think that what people want is the very best, and we give them that – the very best service, the very best value, and the very best design.


  1. How often do you keep in touch with your clients?

We have a weekly report that gives you project statuses. Beth is always accessible to her clients by telephone or email.