Mary P.

I knew from the get-go that Beth and I had a similar eye and liked similar details. She has got great attention to detail and consistently over-delivered. From the beginning Beth would come to my home with bags of design elements – soup to nuts. We discussed flooring, window treatments, light fixtures, paint colors, accessories, fabrics, and furniture all in one visit. I’m a busy artist and really appreciated that Beth valued my time. It was amazing what we would accomplish and how many important decisions we could make in an hour or two. I especially appreciated the fact that every single thing we ordered or needed contractors for was all delivered and executed flawlessly. Beth provides a very valuable service of not having to sort through all the thousands of options on my own. Beth was open to a lot of creativity and I certainly appreciated the buttoned-up execution. I tend to get side-tracked and could fritter away my time running around looking for the perfect mirror or whatever. Beth brought me 2 or 3 options (more if I asked) of everything I needed that were all ‘perfect’ choices. She new immediately how to pull the rooms together while respecting my style and taste. She not only ‘got’ my taste, she improved upon it. The outcome was so much better when I delegated  to her – she is so much more expert, and knowledgable.