Dear Valued Clients, Vendors and Friends,

While we all continue in these new and uncertain times, we want to communicate with you about the changes we have made in our new design studio / gallery and our clients’ project job sites to keep our clients, vendors and trades safe.

“We hope you find this helpful and insightful on how we are able to function with very little actual home / client contact but have personal virtual weekly updates (or as needed) to keep the communication open and flowing.

This may be a novel approach, but we have all the established procedures already in place so we trust with a bit of innovation, humility, and patience we will all get through the other side of things with our gorgeous sanctuaries in place, families bonded closer than ever, and ready to take on whatever may come our way again…together….”   Beth

As the State of CT has marked contractors, architects, builders and designers “essential businesses” during this time, we have been continuing to navigate our existing installation projects and work on those projects still in the planning phase amidst social distancing to ensure everyone involved is safe and feels at ease.

We realize you are seeking to make your homes and living spaces a sanctuary now more than ever and we hear your need! While our home spaces need to be highly functional, they should also empower our desired feelings; rejuvenated, relaxed, at peace, or energized to name a few. We want to continue to transform your spaces to reach your vision, so the following is how we achieve that in a manner that is safe and secure for us all.

At the Work Site

  • We are mandating masks be worn in all the homes we work at along with the 6’ of social distancing guidelines be adhered to.
  • Upon entering a job site where clients are also residing, shoe covers must be worn inside, or shoes must be taken off and left outside. If renovation and construction work is being conducted at this same sight, work boots must be worn for safety. In this case floors will be covered for protection and cleaned immediately following this phase.
  • BKI provides these materials in the case someone does not bring their own, with a reminder of space sharing expectations.
  • All work in the home is being time-blocked to stagger the function based on location and time needed within the home. No more than one person or small team (3 or less as needed) will be scheduled for a particular space at a time.

  • Detailed schedules of work are being shared with the clients and contractors to keep them updated on who is in their home each day. While we know these are guidelines and changes can and will always occur, we at BKI manage each of them as they happen.


For New Clients and Project Starts

  • BKI will continue to follow our 3-Phase Process to ensure clients’ needs are met at each stage of the design process, including beginning a project with a contact-free delivery of our methods of working, examples of previous work, information on our protocols and processes, and tools to get to know you and your family’s needs and esthetic preferences. A copy of our 3-Phase (10-Step Process) is below.
  • This initial working consultation could be either virtual / contactless via FaceTime or Zoom or in person with our above safety requirements. Either way, the same objectives will be met. If in person we will meet for our consultation to space plan and begin honing your project with the same requirements we have had on all job sites; including proper face masks, no shoes, and appropriate distance while walking through your space. In these two hours we will understand the challenges and needs for each space and problem solve to give you the results you desire. During this time you can ask absolutely any design-related questions that come to mind no matter which area of the home inside or out.
  • The next meeting may also be done virtually, but I find this to be more effective in person. We can meet in our design studio at 19 E. Elm Street in Greenwich or your home for this meeting to go over in detail the scope of work you have asked us to perform, the ultimate goals we are going to achieve for you, and our comprehensive plan for success. This is our mutual Letter of Agreement (LOA) so we will know exactly where we are along the way in your project, exactly what is covered, and when areas or items get included we will know how to easily add them to the scope by an agreed upon hourly billing structure or another established design fee. Once the retainer and design fees are collected, the LOA mutually signed, we are all set for the project commencement.
  • The next visit in your space (which is often accomplished without the client present) is an all-day scheduled Trade’s Day(s). This should be the last time we need entry to your home until we meet again to present your exciting new designs. This meeting is vital for our planning and designing stages. We invite the trades of each foreseeable necessary function to come and discuss the possibilities, take detailed photos, and note detailed measurements. This will ensure we need as little contact inside your home as possible until the renovation or construction phase begins, and then again when we install and deliver your uniquely curated finishes and furnishings. Again, all safety protocol and social distancing will be adhered to and toward the end of day we will have a cleaning crew disinfect all doorknobs and otherwise touched surfaces as a dual form of safety security.
  • An average of 6-10 weeks later, we will arrange an in-person, but safe design presentation where we will show you the creation of all your design schemes and our plans on your space transformation. Here we will collect payment for the furnishings and finishes of your project to begin the immediate ordering process.
  • If renovation and construction is part of your project, we will begin at this time this phase. Again, we will abide by our on-site guidelines in accordance with our own safety measures, as well as the measures in place by the State of CT.
  • Procurement of all the furnishings and finishes, while managing the renovation work is done in tandem. Once delivery times have all been confirmed by each vendor and coordinated with the installation crew, we will provide an installation schedule. Again, we will abide by our on-site guidelines in accordance with our own safety measures and the measures in place by the State of CT.