The BKI Experience & Mission

To provide a collaborative experience with our valued and respected clientele that surpasses all expectations. We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, with consistently strong results.

At BKI, our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that working within a framework of processes helps our clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here’s how we work;


STEP 1        Consultation with Beth Krupa or Senior Designer –

This is a two – hour $500 in depth consultation providing immediate design solutions, selections, or long term strategies.

STEP 2       Signing of Agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project –

At BKI, we offer the option of hourly or flat fee agreements. Both options can be thoroughly reviewed on the day of the consultation. We pride ourselves on full transparency of billing practices.

STEP 3       Trades Day / On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting – 

STEP 4       Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings –

After carefully listening to you, we create a plan based on your vision and lifestyle. We gather sources most pertinent to your design needs from those Beth and her team have cultivated both nationally and internationally.

STEP 5       Presentation of estimates and furnishings / materials; collection of deposits –

We then present you with a personalized portfolio, featuring elements reflective of you and your aesthetic. Each line item will be represented with the retail and your savings reflected. We will try to present to you the whole project or projected costs at once, so choices can be made with no surprises arising towards the middle or end of your project.

All deposits needed will be collected for orders to be placed.

STEP 6       Placement of Orders –

Upon approval of plan and budget, we dive into purchasing, asserting our relationships with artisans, designers, and manufacturers, establishing timelines for fabrication and shipment. We track and monitor all purchased product to ensure smooth progression of project and avoid unnecessary delays.

STEP 7       Review of budget –

Finalize any outstanding added scope requirements or additional purchasing needs

STEP 8      Initiation of construction and renovation –

Initiate tender process for purpose of assisting clients in selecting a contractor / builder. Establish and attend regularly scheduled site meetings with the contractor / trades / client to facilitate the continuing progress of the project.

STEP 9      Installation period continues and receipt of orders –

At our receiving facility, we accept and inspect each piece, initiating a return of the slightest imperfection, and we style your rooms, making refinements as necessary.

STEP 10    Furniture Installation and styling – 

Our behind-the-scenes- project management results in flawless decor: your new lifestyle vision arrives entirely intact, on time, and perfectly arranged by our assiduous eye.

STEP 11     Client Reveal –

Our favorite day of the job, when your vision is realized, and we get to see your reaction as you see how every one of our small decisions collaboratively made created such a flawless space for you to thrive in and cherish.

STEP 12    Deficiencies walk through –

We coordinate and attend a deficiencies walk-through to gather any small details that need correction or additional attention.

STEP 13    Resolving deficiencies –

We oversee subsequent coordination between contractor / trades / suppliers to address and complete all issues as determined and agreed upon at our walk-through.

STEP 14    Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices 

Our role doesn’t end upon installation. We believe in full client satisfaction and closure of each project.

STEP 15    Presentation of Client Binder and thank you – 

This binder contains pertinent project details (plans, fabrics, finishes, warranties, etc).